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FCC & PUC Complaints


If you have a problem with a telephone company or other company providing telephone-related services, including wireless communications, you should first try to resolve your complaint directly with the carrier providing the service or the company billing you for the service. Ariel Link is highly successful in claims identification and resolution and has not filed an FCC or PUC complaint in over 10 years. However, should you choose to pursue unresolved carrier issues for refund on your own, then consider filing an informal complaint with the proper regulatory agency.
Interstate Service:
Complaints regarding telephone-related services provided from one state to another (interstate service) and international calls should be filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All complaints involving wireless telephone service, interstate or intrastate, should be filed with the FCC.
There are two types of complaints at the FCC - informal and formal. The informal complaint process is generally the preferred method for most consumer complaints.

FCC home page:

FCC Informal Complaint

Unwanted Faxes:

Telecommunications Act of 1996

Within-State Service:
Complaints about wireline services provided within a state (intrastate service) should be sent to the state regulatory authority. These complaints might involve rates for your local telephone service and charges for toll calls placed from one location in a state to another location within the same state. Contact your local or state consumer office using the links below to obtain the telephone number and address for your state regulatory authority. This information may also be listed in the government section of your telephone directory.
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

State Commissions


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