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Tariff + Contract Auditing

”Over 94% of all bills the phone companies send out are wrong.”
Teleconnect Magazine

Ariel Link leverages the skills of our telecom professionals, and our proprietary software to correct these errors and identify additional ongoing savings.

Telecom Invoice Processing

Telecom bills for the entire organization are received, processed and managed by Ariel Link.

Keep your IT staff working on IT, not opening and decyphering phone bills.

The E-Rate Program

Ariel Link assists school districts in applying for and receiving up to 90% discounts on all monthly recurring telecommunication charges. Ariel Link has successfully reduced our clients eligible telecommunication charges by an additional 50% over and above any E-rate reductions.


Audit Expertise:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Wireless

Millions Refunded
Millions Saved
Millions Negotiated


Pixelgate Networks