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CIO Corner

Telecommunication technology is a critical component of business today. If you can imagine lower IT operating expenses, access to critical network information, improved telecommunication service and with the same staff levels, Ariel Link can get it done.

In today's business climate, IT officers are tasked with reducing costs, improving performance and providing internal clients with deliverables in a timelier manner. By reassigning current positions to more critical tasks, your IT group can improve productivity and reduce departmental costs.

One rapidly expanding area of interest to IT Managers is telecom outsourcing, for specifically defined projects where the business process outsourcing will offer some combination of services that include, local and long distance services, contract negotiation, bill processing, bill payment, auditing and loss recovery.


Ariel Link Inc's telecommunications outsourcing provides solutions for all business telecom billing including:

  • Telephone Invoice Analysis Cost Reduction

  • Telecommunications Audit for Cost Recovery and Reduction

  • Invoice processing solutions

  • Call Traffic Studies

  • Advertising Budget Reduction

  • Right-Source telecommunication project management

Right-Sourcing to Ariel Link reduces your overhead and shows proven telecom cost controls with no carrier changes, no technology upgrades, no capital expenses and no increase in monthly expenses. Ariel Link’s service charges hit your budget after the refunds and costs savings have been implemented.


Ariel Link's telecommunication audit will maximize your business resources, eliminate late fees, reduce operating costs and increase your companies profit levels. We provide you with telecom expense management and 26% savings. With Ariel Link outsourcing consulting we can provide an initial telecom audit to analyze your telecommunications costs and provide you with an operational inventory of services. Choose to outsource with Ariel Link and let us apply our years of telecommunications knowledge and provide cost savings to your telecom department. Your savings will be maintained month after month. If you decide to bring the telecom auditing process in house, our training will make it cost efficient and easy.


We can implement telecom outsourcing projects on a large scale that would require your company to maintain a staff of 6 to 10 professional telecom experts to meet the same expectations. In many cases your employees will not have the training that is needed to meet your job requirements.


Audit Expertise:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Wireless

Millions Refunded
Millions Saved
Millions Negotiated