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Ariel Link is vendor neutral therefore allowing us to assist our school and library clients wiht the e-rate process. W assis our clients to streamline the complicated process and apply for all elligible services. Just as important as the e-rate application is Ariel Link’s knowledge of sticking additional State and Local discounts, in the correct order, for maximum savings.

Bellow are relevant FCC and USAC sites.




• Maximize E-Rate funding.

• Minimize telecomunication    costs.

• Timely filing of applications.

• Correct stacking of additional    subsidies.

• Communication resourcess    are managed.

• Departmental budget    projections are met.

• Staff is focused on mission    critical assignments.


• Forms process    management.

• Identification of E-Rate    eligible services.

• Confirmation of correct    Telco discounts.

• Refunds and Credits for    previous overcharges.

• Cost reduction of future    invoices.

• Verification of services    actually utilized.


Audit Expertise:




For questions regarding our E-Rate services contact Ariel Link’s Director of Audit Operations at:

Audit AT ariellink.com