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Ariel Link’s professional audit staff assures your organization of paying the correct rate of your telecommunication invoices and that your organization is in fact using these services. Tax and surchage compliance is validated against Federal, State and Local government codes and other telecommunication regulatory agencies.


• Costs are kept under control.

• Communication resources    are managed.

• Departmental budget    projections are met.

• Staff is focused on mission    critical assignments.

• Shareholder values are    maintained.

• Company’s financial    performance is enhanced.


• Identification of Tariff    and Contract errors.

• Confirmation of Tax    and Surcharge    compliance.

• Refunds and Credits for    overcharges.

• Cost reduction of future    invoices.

• Verification of services    actually utilized.


Audit Expertise:




For questions regarding our telecommunication refund solutions, contact Ariel Link Audit Operations:

Audit AT ariellink.com